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Lingerie, Sleepwear & Bras International Size Guide

What bra band size?
Take a measurement around your body, directly under your bust and under your arms. If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, use a piece of string or ribbon and then use a regular flat ruler to add up the length. Pick the corresponding band size below, to the measurement around your body.
Meausurement (cm)  Band Size (Australia)
63 - 67 8
68 - 72 10
73 - 77 12
78 - 82 14
83 - 97 16
88 - 92 18
Curious what size bralette or soft-cup bra you are? Use the chart on the specific product page as the conversion can vary between brands.
International Bra Size Conversion
Please use the below chart to convert the bra size to an international size:
USA/Canada Bra Size UK Bra Size Australia Bra Size European Bra Size
30A 30A 8A 65A
30B 30B 8B 65B
30C 30C 8C 65C
30D 30D 8D 65D
30DD 30DD 8DD 65E
30DDD 30E 8E 65F
30G 30F 8F 65F
30I 30G 8G 65G
32A 32A 10A 70A
32B 32B 10B 70B
32C 32C 10C 70C
32D 32D 10D 70D
32DD 32DD 10DD 70E
32DDD/F 32E 10E 70F
32G 32F 10F 70G
32G 32G 10G 70H
34A 34A 12A 75A
34B 34B 12B 75B
34C 34C 12C 75C
34D 34D 12D 75D
34DD 34DD 12DD 75E
34DDD/F 34E 12E 75F
34G 34F 12F 75G
34I 34G 12G 75H
36A 36A 14A 80A
36B 36B 14B 80B
36C 36C 14C 80C
36D 36D 14D 80D
36DD 36DD 14DD 80E
36DDD 36E 14E 80F
36G 36F 14F 80G
36I 36G 14G 80G
38A 38A 16A 85A
38B 38B 16B 85B
38C 38C 16C 85C
38D 38D 16D 85D
38DD 38DD 16DD 85E
38DDD 38E 16E 85F
38G 38F 16F 85G
38I 38G 16G 85H
General Size Chart
Sleepwear, Briefs, Thongs, and Teddys
US Dress UK/Australian Dress Italian
XS 2 - 4 6 1
S 4 - 6 8 2
M 6 - 8 10 3
L 8 - 10 12 4
XL  10 - 12 14 5
If you have any questions about size on a specific product, please complete the form in the bottom corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can email

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